The 21st Century Dating Scene: What to Expect?.

First, is the internet dating. Going to bars is not in popular demand anymore to meet a potential partner.

As we all know, when going to bars, you are only looking for fun. That is all. No one out there meets a serious partner in a bar scene, unless you are one in a 250 000 000 that meets someone else with the same intentions as you, at the same night, at the same place. What are the chances? Well, i think you might get hit by lightning 7 times in a row before that happens. Internet dating makes things easier because you can meet in the comfort of your own home, without going out, and be in touch with someone, though email or messaging, and talk for a few days or weeks before you decide to meet that person face to face. That eliminates the potential rejection that might happen on a blind date, or bar scenes hook ups. Internet dating has speed dating 邊 間 好. eliminated lots of doubts about meeting people, however, danger might still be lurking out there because of the anonymity of the internet dating. People have a tendency of lying on their dating profile which can end being disappointed for the other party. So take your time to sort people out when meeting them on the net, it will be worth your while. Do not show desperation in any ways, it won’t help you at all. Matching website are helping a lot getting people together because of the millions of questions asked about your personality so it can properly match you with someone else. There are no reasons to lie, especially that these sites cost money to join and you don’t want to waste your time filling hundred of questions without the certainty of meeting the right person. This is not a search for a job here, its for your potential mate.

For those who are looking to meet more then one women/men per night, which has become increasingly possible thanks to creative concepts such as Speedating, these events are sponsored by communities which allows individuals to meet several women/men in 7 minutes span and at the end of the event, the host collects the cards by the participants and if both people agree to see each other again, after their 7 minutes elevator speech about themselves, a match is done. So you have 7 minutes to attract the other mate. Usually, its around tables, where the women stays at the same spot and men moves around by 1 or 2 chairs increments, and the host rings a bell and decide the increments digit for men to move to the next one or two tables. At the end of the night, you have met an average of 6 to 7 people of the opposite sex. You might end up the night with more then one date to meet up at another time. The good thing is that you don’t need to buy drinks to anyone, since all is done on that one night. Good for the penny pinchers.

You also have the set up, usually through friends and family. That is great because you know for a fact that your family and friend will set you up with someone that they feel is perfect for you since they supposedly know your taste in a potential mate right? I hope so… That makes things a bit better but then again, if it doesn’t work out, who do you blame? Well, that question remains to be answered.

Bottom line, you need to go out as much as you can, at least once a week with different people. Yes, it can be time consuming but you need to make this effort while you take time off from your ex. You will then realize that you might be happier with this new life, not stuck with the same old person. You might feel this new life as being an exciting one, that you go out when you want, that you don’t want to get back to the old relationship because of the fear of things going back to be the same as before. Remember, life is too short to be miserable and sad. You need to take charge because that should help you change your attitude about meeting new people and allow you to enjoy your new life and have fun. This is life is all about.

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